Advanced Riders: Moving Forward

Margo Hamilton is a USDF Bronze Medalist with over 30 years of experience in the saddle. She is wiling and able to work with a variety of breeds of horse. She enjoys working with a variety of students across many disciplines. Margo has worked with many top tier trainers over the course of her riding career and has a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of dressage riding. Her education is on-going with each new horse she rides, clinic she attends or book she reads. Margo is up to date on the latest training methodology as well as classical models.

Margo’s focus is first and foremost on riding position. Lessons with Margo will help you to understand how your position impacts your horse’s ability to perform and guide you into improvement. Non-Dressage riders benefit from lessons with Margo as she is able to translate the principles of good flat work into beneficial exercises for jumpers, pleasure riders and even polo players. Good riding always helps!

Margo’s students can expect lessons that include various different riding techniques and gymnastic work. She is fond of giving advanced riders the occasional longe lesson as well as using ground poles as cross-training to improve the condition of the horse.

Her strength as a teacher is her ability to communicate complicated concepts of riding in simple understandable terms. She’s positive, goal-oriented and determined to help each student achieve their riding goals. Each advanced student is given weekly “homework” which addresses the core “issue” faced in each lesson as presented by the student and observed by the teacher.

Goal-setting sessions and show coaching are available.