Teacher and Student play “Follow the Leader” on a warm summer day.

Teacher and Student play “Follow the Leader” on a warm summer day.

Beginners: Learning the Ropes

A beginner rider is considered to be someone with absolutely no experience with horses or up to 2 years of experience with regular riding lessons. Our lesson program is focused on creating exemplary horsemen both on the ground and in the saddle. Riders who are new to horses will be first taught safe practices on the ground and safe practices in the saddle.

Each beginner is taught to safely handle the horse on the ground (putting on a halter, leading), grooming and tacking skills as well as riding. Students are also taught to read horse body language as well as to understand how the animals think and behave.

Our goal for each rider is to develop the skills necessary to be successful horse person who is able to make informed decisions about their riding and horse.

Each session is approximately 1 hour long. The lesson is split between ground work (grooming, tacking up, handling horses) and riding. As the student’s knowledge grows more time is spent in the saddle, however handling of horses and learning horsemanship skills are always a part of the program.