Do you Teach Kids/Adults?

Yes, we do teach children. Youth riders must be at least 6 years old in order to begin taking riding lessons, with no exceptions. Riding lessons require your child to maintain mental focus, and physical ability for about an hour. Children must be able to be attentive to their riding instructor as well as physically capable of handling a trained horse.

Yes, we do teach adult riders of all experience levels. Adults who are finally pursuing their dream of riding horses are welcome as well as those who are returning to the equestrian sports they loved so much as a youth rider. We’re more than happy to get you in or back in the saddle.

Do I have to have my own Horse?

To start with, no. Lincoln Equestrian Center has “school horses” or safe and experienced horses who are used to teach lessons. The use of a school horse is included in the price of your lesson.

If you already own your own horse but are not boarded at Lincoln Equestrian Center that’s wonderful, we can do that. Horses coming into LEC will need to show proof of negative coggins and be current on all vaccinations.

What Equipment do I need?

All riders are required to wear ASTM/SEI Certified helmets. LEC is able to provide a loaner helmet, however we do not have all sizes of helmets. One of the very first things you will need to buy as a new rider is your own riding helmet. Ask your instructor about local retailers who sell riding helmets.

Additionally, all riders must wear shoes with heels. Tennis shoes are not safe nor good footwear for riding horses. It is preferred that riders wear hard soled, not high heeled boots which cover the ankles and provide necessary support to lower limb area. Cowboy boots are acceptable.

Long pants. Jeans are preferred to start with. Yoga pants and leggings have a tendency to be very slick. Affordable riding breeches suitable for English riding are widely available in both youth and adult sizes.

Riders not equipped with safe attire will not be allowed to ride.

As your passion for riding grows you will need to make the investment in proper gear. Just as you would for rock climbing, or hockey a horseman needs the right gear for the job.