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Fall Learning Series: Cross-Training with Taylor Schmidt

Top riders know that cross-training over poles and jumps not only improves the strength of their dressage mounts, but also their overall attitude towards work.  Join Taylor Schmidt for a day of learning all about how to use poles and jumps (for those who are willing) in your riding work.

The clinic will open with a demonstration ride for those who've not worked with poles or jumps prior to the event, with lessons to follow. Riders of all ages are welcome. Attendees to this clinic will go away learning how to set poles for their horses, how to properly and safely ride over poles at walk trot and canter, in addition to the basics of a good forward seat. 

Semi-private lessons: $50.00 per rider. Auditing fee: $10.00

Thank you to our sponsors: Purina, Nebraska Equine Veterinary Clinic, Fauna Care, Serenity Physical Therapy

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