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Indoor Board Includes:

  • 12×12 or 10×12 box stall equipped with rubber mats, ground-level hay feeders and “gossip doors.”

  • Twice daily feeding of top quality Purina Feeds (Strategy, Senior or Ultium).

  • Continuous feeding of grass hay.

  • Feeding of Smartpak supplements as directed.

  • Daily turnout in individual paddocks.

  • Blanketing services.

  • Stalls cleaned daily.

  • Nightly wellness checks.

  • Tack locker.

  • Horse trailer parking.

  • Use of on-site laundry facilities.

  • Use of LEC Rider’s Clubhouse.

Optional Services:

Double tack lockers: $30.00 per month

Exercising horse: $20.00 per session on the line, $45.00 per ride

Riding Lessons: $35.00 Youth Lesson $45.00 Adult Lessons

Holding fee for Veterinary or Farrier Visit: $10.00 hour

Jump out rides: $20.00 per ride or $100.00 unlimited month of rides.  For the health of resident horses and facilities we require owners and riders to have proof of current negative coggins prior to riding.  Riders are required to sign a liability waiver prior to mounting their horse.

Nutrition Management:

Proper nutrition, both in content of feed and quantity of feed given to each horse each day is a top priority at Lincoln Equestrian Center.  Feed is the fuel for a successful equine athlete.  At LEC we like our horses to be shiny and happy, and that is not possible without a proper nutrition program.  Board fees at LEC include a twice daily feeding of appropriate grain and as much hay as your horse will eat.

About our Hay:

At Lincoln Equestrian Center there is no such thing as “extra hay.”   Our horses are fed continuously throughout the day and night.  Hay is cornerstone of our feeding program.  Hay is fed with morning grain, evening grain. Hay is also provided while horses are outside in turn out pens, and during night checks. Hay is fed from ground level feeders, which is recommended by many veterinarians.  It is believed ground feeding is more natural for horses, and reduces hay waste.  Hay nets are available for those horses who over-indulge in hay or eat too quickly.

The purpose of this feeding program is two fold: one to fulfill the natural grazing habits of horses who would typically be grazing on grasses throughout the day if left in a field.  Additionally, the constant access to hay keeps the horses digestive tract working throughout the day and night, thus our hay program reduces incidents ofboth ulcers and colic.

We take hay quality seriously, it must be high quality, contain few stems, sticks, weeds or other debris the baler might pick up. We work closely with our hay provider to ensure top quality horse hay. The hay is brome grass with some prairie grass mixed in.  We have minimized hay spoilage by storing our hay in dry containers.  Keeping the hay out of weather (including sun) ensures that our hay does not lose nutritional value while we wait to feed it out.  Bales are culled out of the stack if they have too many weeds, or if the horses won’t eat them.  

We have a constant and consistent stream of hay. Barring natural disasters striking the area such as droughts or floods that destroy hay fields, there is no increase in board in winter or other times of year because we have to source additional hay to “get through the year.”


About our Grain:

We proudly feed Purina Products to our horses, and have had great success maintaining happy healthy horses as well as working with Purina to find the perfect selection of grains to suit the horses of LEC. Each of the feeds we have selected for LEC contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential to horses, thus cutting out the necessity of feeding additional vitamin supplements to the horses.

Our standard feed is Purina Strategy which is a complete feed suitable for all horses who are in a normal riding program.

For the horses who are working in demanding athletic programs we offer Purina Ultium.  Higher in fat than Strategy it is an excellent source of energy for competition horses.  Ultium also contains a specific set of amino acids designed to help with muscle recovery and development of the topline.  

For our older horses LEC offers Purina Senior Active which is a newer product researched by Purina designed to meet the needs of Senior horses who are still in active use. Senior Active is a highly digestible feed, containing multiple sources of fiber, including beet pulp.  This feed ensures that our active seniors are receiving BOTH nutrients as well as roughage.

Fore more information about the specific nutrient content and ingredients in feeds listed follow the links to Purina’s Website.

We do not feed any other “outside grains.”  If your horse requires a special feed out of medical necessity we will make an exception based upon a veterinary recommendation only. If your horse has other specific dietary restrictions, based upon a veterinary recommendation we will bring in the feed your equine partner needs to eat in order to be healthy.

Our Partnership with Smartpak Equine:

In order to ensure the proper feeding of supplements LEC requires all horse owners who feed supplements to supply them via Smartpak Equine.  Smartpak offers an extensive catalogue of various supplement for all of your horse’s needs. Because supplements play an important role in the wellness of the equine resident’s who eat them LEC wants to be sure each horse is getting the correct amount on a daily basis. Properly measured into correct daily does, labeled with the horses names, when you use a Smartpak you can rest easy knowing that your horse is receiving the correct amount of supplement he or she requires.

Supplements ship free to Lincoln Equestrian Center with Smartpak’s free Barn Saver Shipping.  The supplements will be sent directly to us, with no worries about running out or having to go to the feed store to pick more up.

All new boarders receive 50% off their first shipment of Smartpak supplements.  Our Smartpak consultant would be more than happy to speak with you about your horse’s nutritional and supplement needs. For more information please contact Smartpak at the link provided above.

A word about medications:
Should your horse at any time need to take medications prescribed by your veterinarian Management at LEC is more than happy to feed these to your horse if you cannot make it out to the barn for the required doses. If this is the case please speak to Zack about the medical regiment prescribed by your vet.


Horses need time to be horses, outside of their stalls, breathing in fresh air and stretching their legs. The LEC turnout policy is that horses should have as much time outside as possible. The goal is at least 5 to 6 hours a day of turn out for each horse. Every horse is turned out every day all year long, weather permitting. Horses will not go out during thunderstorms or excessively heavy or cold rain. Horses do not get turned out if: the pens are muddy and slippery, heavy rains, thunderstorms or electrical storms. If the weather is very cold or very hot turn out hours will be reduced to protect the health of the horses.

Our turn out paddocks vary in size, horses are placed in paddocks based upon their size, energy level, and ability to get along with neighbors. Each horse gets their own individual turn out paddock.

All of our pens are constructed with welded pipe.

Night turnout option:

Late Spring through early Fall overnight turnout is available for horses who qualify.  Qualification for night turn out is determined by management. The decision is based upon several factors including: trustworthiness of the horse, ability to catch horse during or before bad weather sets in and a horse’s ability to get along peacefully with others. Darker horses more susceptible to flies and heat are good candidates for night turn out as well as older horses and horses who have previously been on night turn out. If you think this might be an option for your horse please consult with Zack or Margo.


Fly boots, sheets and masks are put on at the request of horse owners and taken off when inside the barn unless otherwise requested.

Winter blankets are put on the horses prior to turn out.  LEC is a heated facility, kept above freezing throughout the winter.  As such, for the health of the horses, heavy turnout blankets are not necessary inside the barn, even overnight. LEC kindly requests that you put your horse’s name somewhere on the blanket so that we have the correct blanket for each horse.  When taken off the horses blankets are hung to allow them to fully dry.