Margo riding Dobby
Elizabeth and Peroni

Margo and Zack Hamilton began their journey owning and operating Lincoln Equestrian Center in June of 2014. LEC was renovated extensively in the Summer of 2014, with other improvements in the works.  The Hamilton’s vision for LEC extends beyond the physical environment to the development of an equestrian community.  LEC is a place to grow and develop as a horse person.

Focused on Professional Care:
The Hamilton’s strive for boarders to have a “worry free” environment in which they feel comfortable leaving their horses at LEC, knowing each day their horse will receive the finest care available in Lincoln, Nebraska. Building on their experiences in the horse community both locally and nationwide, Zack and Margo are committed to managing the facility and horses with a sense of care they have experienced in well run barns across the country.  At LEC, full-care truly means full care service. From doing night checks every evening after closing time, to purchasing the finest feeds and dust-free bedding, Margo and Zack have an eye on horse health at all times.

A Place to Achieve Your Dreams:
LEC is the home to a variety of riders specializing in many riding styles at all levels from all over the globe. Whether you are a casual rider or a professional preparing your horse for local,  National or World Shows LEC has something to offer. Our supportive atmosphere makes a happy home for both youth riders and adults. As riders themselves, Zack and Margo understand that horse people need a facility, and equipment for their particular sports and strive to facilitate everyone as possible.

About Zack and Margo
Horses are Margo and Zack’s common language. Both passionate horse people, and riders themselves they understand the connection between horse and rider. Zack and Margo first met each other years ago by the feed room at LEC.  When the stable went up for sale in 2014 it seemed a fitting opportunity to do something they both loved and at a place that meant something to them. Margo and Zack are both hard working, goal-driven individuals who work well as a team.

Together Zack and Margo ride and train horses ranging from imported warmbloods to all- American diamonds in the rough.  Their family also includes, 4 dogs, 2 cows, a cat and an alpaca named Carl. In their spare time Margo and Zack enjoy entertaining friends and family at home.  They both love Lincoln, if you are new to the area, don’t hesitate to ask about cultural events or community highlights, they would love to help you discover all Lincoln has to offer.


About Zack Hamilton:
Zack is an American Farriers Association, Certified Journeyman Farrier.  He is a graduate of Heartland Horseshoeing School in Lamar, MO.  A native of the south, Zack migrated north during his apprenticeship and has made his home in Nebraska.  Zack is passionate about animal care, having raised and cared for animals all of his life.  He always keeps his eyes on what is best, and most suitable for each creature he cares for. Zack spent his youth breaking and training young horses for the trails.  He continues to put miles on youngsters. He truly enjoys his work with young horses helping them to develop confidence. 

About Margo Hamilton:
Margo Hamilton is a lifetime horse woman and Lincoln native. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from UNL and a Master’s Degree with honors in Mental Health Counseling from Doane College. Margo earned her USDF Bronze Medal and is working towards earning her Silver and Gold Medals in the years to come.  Having had the honor of working with a variety of classically trained instructors and clinicians from across the globe Margo has a solid foundation to work with horses of all kinds.  She feels a strong commitment to carry on the traditions of horsemanship she has learned.

Margo Hamilton