Do you teach Kids?

Yes. We do teach children. Our minimum age for beginner riders is 6 years old. Equestrian sports done safely require attention, strength and focus, because children have a limited attention span for learning new things, and limited physical strength with which to ride and safely control a horse we will not start kids younger than 6 years old. Prospective students should be good listeners and excellent at following directions as they will have to be attentive to their instructor for both safety and educational purposes.

Do you teach adults?

Yes, we do teach adults. Whether you have absolutely no experience with horses and are pursuing a life long dream or you are returning to the equestrian sports you enjoyed so much as a youth rider we are happy to teach Adult Beginners.

Do I need to have my own horse?

No. For beginner riders both youth and adult we have what are called “School horses” or horses who live at LEC and are experienced and patient with new riders. If you decide that equestrian sports are your passion we would be more than happy to assist you in finding a horse to lease or purchase.

If you do already have a horse you are currently riding we would be happy to work with you on your horse even if you are not currently boarded at Lincoln Equestrian Center.