Hellos and Good-byes

School is starting up all across the country. We know, because some of our beloved girls who have been with us for some time are now no longer with us because they've started their freshman year in college.  Our younger kiddos are also back in school and coming out to the barn for lessons with stories of school adventures and spelling lessons to share while grooming a pony. Still other students are coming back to the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and we are so excited to have them back "home" for the year.  

Back to school is it's own special, sentimental season at Lincoln Equestrian Center.

For me, this community feeling at the barn is one of the best parts of being here. Although it is rather heartbreaking when our students move away to far off colleges. Like an empty nester I do sometimes walk by the newly vacant stall and miss our people and their horses. We keep in touch, but it is hard to let go of our community members, even if the only reason they leave is because they have an incredible opportunity to pursue their dream career.  


This summer we have had to bid farewell to 3 very cherished boarders. Three tremendously kind women and their excellent horses. All off to differing corners of the nation, all in pursuit of their life goals. That they are off in new exciting places doing great things does act as a salve for the pain in my heart, none the less I do find myself longing to hear their voices or to scratch their horses and ask how their ride went.

I know we'll get at least three more wonderful people in the barn, not to replace these ladies but to bring new and interesting personalities into the barn. Yes, my job is to care for horses and to teach riding. Somehow though it's more than that. It's more than a job I don't quite know what the best word for this feeling is. I guess love. I love our people and the contributions they make to our barn just by being here with us. Every person, and every horse makes up the beautiful and diverse community of Lincoln Equestrian Center